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jeepstertj 06-21-2012 02:49 AM

engine weird noise
well my little 4 banger is making a very weird noise well actually there are 2 soundīs that i dont know what are.
first one is like a clank sound when i apply engine load like when u are uphill and u push the pedal the sound appears like a clank clank clank and no more, also when the engine is over 3500 and on heavy load, so i think in bad sparks or injectors or timing, what u think?
second noise is very weird and i dont know how to make it it just sound from no where, the sound is like when u grab a plastic bag on the diff, like a vacuum leak, or boiling water on a crack tube.
then goes out like in 10 secīs so i cant know where or when is going to happen, and the only thing it does is drop the oil press just a little ant then goes up.

well things i already check
sparks 7000 miles on it
sparks wires 7500 miles on it
oil 2340 miles good color, no water, good smell and viscosity
oil filter same as oil
air filter clean 5000 miles
fan good, belt good, inyectors ŋ?,
and engine looks good, good mpg, and normal power.
so what u think.
oh i almost forgot where is the fuel filter?????? xD

somis 06-21-2012 03:47 AM

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if you can put it up on jacks and post a video with some decent quality audio so everyone can hear exactly what your talking about maybe we could narrow it down a bit

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