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mrbigjeep 05-02-2006 09:30 PM

long arm lift (again)
before i start the question i just wanted to say thanks to all the guys that replied to all my posts :) ...but anyway..i got another question...i know what a long arm lift kit is but what are the advantages of it over a short arm lift kit...i know that a long arm lift kit gives you a lot better ride quality but does it help stability?...i am planning on getting a 4 inch suspension lift and i know that long arm helps ride quality but if thats all it does i would rather just get a short arm because, to be honest i dont really care how it rides or if the ride quality is bad...but if it helps stability then thats a different story...would a short arm 4 inch lift kit be stable enough...p.s. i also know that long arms flex more but a ton of flex isnt mandantory...short arm has enough flex for me

JeepCrawler98 05-02-2006 11:24 PM

For on the road - at 4" a longarm kit will "sway-steer" significantly less at higher speeds, something that's pretty noticeable on short arms.

Off-Road - a longarm will soak up movement with it's suspension a bit better, meaning that you won't get thrown around as much, and the 3-wheeled "jacking" stuff that TJs (and other Short Arm 4 link systems) are known up is greatly improved as well.

So in other words - yes stability is helped a good bit, the only other things to make sure not to skimp out on is shocks, good shocks make perhaps the largest improvement in the overal smoothness and enjoyability of your suspension, look into Bilstein 5150's (99$ a piece, but the ride is just awesome), and Rubicon Express Monotubes or Old Man Emu nitrocharges (both the RE and OME shocks do about the same, WAY better than the usual white-can stuff, and run about 65$ a piece)

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