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PieFace 06-22-2012 05:19 PM

Nemesis Billy Rocker Install Pics Video
Nemesis Billy Rocker
Been researching rockers ever since I slid off a rock with my stock rubi rock rails. Didn’t damage the Jeep, but I realized how I could have. I was convinced that I did when I heard it happen. I wanted something that was boatsided to protect the body mounts underneath, and I wanted to keep the weight down as I didn’t want the Jeep to lean anymore in turns (stock rubicon suspension 18/59 springs) Nemesis boasts that their aluminum rock sliders are as strong or stronger than comparable steal sliders, as with the spaceframe and outershell your looking at about 3/4s of an inch of aluminum between the rock and your Jeeps body. Also the boat side goes down over the body mounts. They are the most expensive mod I've done so far, the $799 pricetag is just the beginning, by the end of this install, I spent about $1500. I should also mention while im crying about the price that they were the same price as the poison spyder rock sliders in Steel($805), and were cheaper than the poison spyder rock sliders in aluminum($969). The reason I compare these two companies is because they are very similar. The differences are that the Nemesis Industries Sliders have the space frame inside that is connected to the underside of the jeep, while poison spyder dosen’t use a space frame and its lower section hangs off the tub armor section. So Poison Spyder is 2 pieces vs. Nemesis is 3.

Delivery, this is another $120 bucks to stack on, and it takes forever. It was weeks after the order that I actually received the rails. I had actually forgotten that I ordered them. Had I been calling maybe it would have been faster, but ehh.

Inspection – I could have ordered them powdercoated for a few hundred more, but I didn’t want to have them all the same finish. Custom powdercoat from Nemesis would have cost a fortune and this install was already off the rails financially. Regardless, I wanted to see the condition of the Aluminum before powdercoat. I checked the welds and they looked very good and uniform, no splatter couple of rough spots but nothing to really complain about. Overall I was impressed as the time that it took to have them shipped made me feel that the attention to detail when making them is very high.

Powder coat – Make sure you use a good powdercoater. I had to have these done twice and the powdercoater was about an hour away. Real pain in the neck. Without going into the problems with substandard work Ill just say they had to be done twice. The jeep is black and I wanted the tub armor to be gloss black to match it, and the lower outer shell to be mini texture black to match the front and rear bumper. I wanted to give it a clean stock look.

The Install – Nemesis will tell you that a regular joe can do this in his driveway. That’s a little misleading. You need to really be comfortable with tools if you’re going to try to do this yourself. Your going to be drilling holes in your Jeep, and working with nutcerts. I was reading the instructions and there was a warning about working with nutcerts. It said that if you damage a nutcert and need to remove it, you can drill it out, but the inner section of the nutcert would fall into the inside of the body of your Jeep and would not be recovered. That means that you have a little metal piece in the body of your Jeep rattling around forever. I couldn’t risk that, and looked for a good installer.

Here is the completed work- Ill post the details of the install and some photos as I dig them up.
Nemesis Billy Rocker - YouTube

PieFace 06-22-2012 10:13 PM

Install Part 1 Nut Certs
Here is the beginning of what turned out to be a long day. The part you have to be the most careful with. Nutcerts.

Nemesis Industries Billy Rocker Install Part 1 - YouTube

kawa001 03-19-2013 09:24 PM

Hey PF, thanks so much for posting this. I've spent the evening comparing the aluminum Poison Spyders to the Nemesis rockers. I think I'll go with the Nemesis. Are you still happy with them?

kawa001 07-22-2013 07:50 PM

I'm loving my Nemesis Billy Rockers. I've had then on for a couple of months now. I've taken at least one big rock hit that would have otherwise been sustained by the body.

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