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Jakesdad 06-23-2012 05:22 PM

Here's my plan - tell me why it's wrong
I've tentatively decided on a tire and wheel package but I want to run this through the gauntlet first to see if I've missed something.
I have a 2012 stock Sahara. No lift. I have the 32" Bridgestones which I understand are actually 32.1". I want to go to a Duratrac tire in 33" (285/75/16) which I understand is actually 32.8". So that's only a .7" difference. These will be on 16" ATX Artillery wheels with 4.5" backspace. From what I've learned there is a chance there would be some rubbing with extreme flexing but I only do extreme flexing in the bathroom mirror with a towel wrapped around me :thumb:. If it were to be a bigger problem than I expected I could add a leveling kit for a little more clearance. My expectation is that this may have some but very minimal impact on mpg, towing ability, power, and road noise. I'm also expecting that the tires would extend a little outside the fender but how much I don't know. Hopefully less than an inch. OK, so am I correct in all this? Give it to me straight.

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