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saaboo 06-23-2012 09:11 PM

2012 Rubico
we have a2012 rubicon, with less then 3500 miles. motor has a tap noise,exhaust pipe black. Took to local dealer, they check out, said motor has problem.... Lifts loose! !!! theyreplaced both heads and lifters, timing belt. After two weeks we got it back friday night, drove home sounds ok, starated it the following morning it make a terrible noise! !!! My husband says nooil in heads.. Soon as oil gets there it souds ok, you can shut it off and turn it back over its still ok, but you let sit 30mins to hr, and now the oil has drained [B][
/B]out of heads turn it over same thing. Now i have to return it to dealership agian. Not liking this at all. We are due to leave on vacation july 1st for 22 days, and this is my tow car. now what? anyone having these issues with thier new jeep?

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