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Keymo 06-24-2012 09:43 AM

Anyone Gotten Nutty in Iowa?
Hello fellow Iowans! :wavey:

So basically I'm wondering if anyone in Iowa has done the "John Nutter Bypass" to their YJ? And if so, are you willing to give advice/help out when I do it? I have a 1989 YJ, 4.2L 6Cyl. Engine. I believe everything about my engine is stock (nothing has changed engine-wise since I bought it at least) including the carb..

First, the setting of the stepper motor and re-wiring. I feel like I've got this step down. Both the setting of the stepper motor and wiring seem pretty straight-forward. The only thing I'm worried about is getting the wires confused since my Jeep's wiring harness COULD have different colored wires than the ones in the tutorials I've read - though I can easily just follow the wires and figure it out. (I know I at least have purple and orange at the distributor, I'm more worried about the ones at the ignition switch...) I've already bought the 16 gauge wire, wire cutter/strippers, connections (male and female) and electrical tape.

Next, vacuum lines. This is where I get a little hazy on which lines I'm supposed to have all connected to the "T" connection and how exactly the "T" hooks up to my carb... (Oh, and what's the PORTED vacuum? Is this just a term for altering the lines or is there two vacuums in the engine compartment? I didn't see one other than the one under the coolant over-flow res....) Otherwise I could use some advice on vacuum line removal, though it's not completely necessary - I can look up the diagrams and figure them out myself if I need to... I still need to get a hold of the "T" connection - the guy at NAPA wasn't much help in general, so I just said screw it on the connection for the time being..

Finally, the timing of the engine. I've NEVER done this before, nor do I really know how to do it other than what I've read online. It seems easy enough, though you're supposed to set it quickly due to the engine running like crap after you re-wire and move the vacuum lines... I'd really like to NOT damage my engine... :p I figure having two people around would be best for this step anyway; not to mention if that someone knows what to do and can tell me when and how far to adjust the distributor as quickly as possible.. I don't have a timing light right now but I do know someone that has one. I'm also thinking about just buying a cheap one for this project and so I can have it for future tune-ups...

I probably wont be doing the Nutter Bypass anytime soon - I'm currently waiting to even start my Jeep again until I get the Cylinder Head Gasket replaced. My stealer cork one started leaking a little bit, so I decided to park it rather than risk any potential damage to my engine. I've ordered it, so now it's just the waiting game until it gets here... Once I have that seal replaced, and maybe replacing the bearings on my rear drive shaft, I'll be ready to go with the bypass.

I'm not looking for any hand-outs, nor am I asking anyone to do it for me. I would just like to have someone who actually knows what they are doing around to make sure I'm not screwing stuff up (and for MAJOR help on the timing adjustment...).

I live in Ames, so I'm pretty much in the center of the map. I'm not all about driving my Jeep long distances (mainly just to keep the miles off my engine), but I'd totally be willing to drive if I had to if it meant I'd be able to meet up with someone knowledgeable on this mod. The increased performance, better idling and potential improved gas mileage would be totally worth it! Plus, I like things mechanical so any removing of computers in general, I'm totally in support of. :thumb:

ANY help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance! :D

Keymo 07-08-2012 01:21 PM

Alrighty. Never mind y'all. Got it figured out.

Mods can close this tread.

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