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Dhanlon54 06-25-2012 12:23 AM

Help. 258 lost power, lots of oil from fromt
I have a Nuttered 1990 4.2 yj with 160,000 miles. Last week i did the tfi upgrade and was very happy with the result. My jeep was running better than ever. Hungry for more, i Swapped the carter for 2150 MC only to discover the 2150 had a leaky powervalve. I undid the swap. Put the carter back on, Reconnected all spiderweb of emmisions & vacuum hoses (as best as i could referencing the underhood diagram and haynes manual) though i am not 100% confident that the hoses are all in the right place. This is where it gets ugly.

Jeep started up but would not idle. I test drove it and it ran strong. No idle. I messed with the choke housing and linkage, no,luck. I adjusted the idle screw..set the initial timing 8 btdc. Enjouyed the sound of a smooth idling jeep and felt good like i got it back to where it was before starting the carb swap.

As soon as i backed out of the garage for a test drive, it lost power, stumbled a lot. Jeep does not have enough power to go up the slight incline into the garage. It puked oil onto the diriveway. Looks like oil came from the front of the oil pan. Puddles of oil. Either from the pan or near the crank housing.

I dont know where to start. Does anyone have an idea what happened?

Jeep started up but would not hold idle.

Xpress 06-25-2012 10:57 AM

Sounds like you hooked your vacuum lines up improperly. I would double check.

Dhanlon54 06-26-2012 02:51 AM

Xpress, thanks for your help.

It was vacuum lines. I misread the diagram and had manifold vacuum running to the vacuum switch instead of to the dist. I had also overlooked the way the vacuum from the back of the carter t's in to the filter vaccum motors....the filter housing was sucked shut instead of open.

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