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Thegoddessofny 06-28-2012 04:59 PM

Need serious buying advice 84cj
I will be buying my first jeep... There is a cj for sale 84 for sale it's $5500, I got him down to $5000 and I think I can get him to go $4500....all the parts are stock inside 82,000 original miles and the outside looks great, runs not too great, the steering is awful... I've been told by non jeep lovers that it's a piece of junk and it's way too much money for a car that will need a lot of work plus I am going to use it for a month long Mexican road trip so maybe I should just get a newer jeep... I need all the advice I can get... Should I buy?

Cj7otr 06-28-2012 06:29 PM

Uh, did you say Mexican road trip as in you're going to Mexico in a CJ? You may want to google the recent drug cartel war happenings. Specifically, look at what they're doing to young females who are away from help and use the word 'Zetas' in your search.

I used to live in Mexico, I'm currently back in Texas where i hear the first hand news and I was Army SpecOps for years. Point being, Mexico should be right up there with a backpacking trip across Iran. All my friends still with the State Dept say it's not getting any better anywhere in Mexico.

OK, having said that...I'm as adventurous as the next jeeper, so of your really going I hope you have a blast. I would only attempt it in a well built CJ. I used to wander around Mexican junk yards looking for CJ stuff. Really never found much. That means if you break down your screwed. If it were me traversing the crazy roads of Mexico in a jeep, I'd get a CJ with a Chevy 350 and a crappy old paint/bondo job. Easy to find parts for and you'll fit in fairly well.

CJ-John 06-29-2012 05:23 AM

How many miles on your trip? I was considering going 2000 to drive mine (79 CJ7) home and I am very glad I didn't! a month long trip would be brutal unless you have a home base and just take day excursions from that base. Now can you fix this thing on the shoulder of the road? If you answered NO then don't take the trip! You might still want to buy the jeep just don't intend to go to Mexico for a month which may be a bad idea anyway! just my 2 sense

4Jeepn 06-29-2012 05:26 AM

for 5k the CJ should need very little help if any..sounds for like a 1500-2000 dollar cj. Any pic's you can post?

Thegoddessofny 06-29-2012 07:39 AM

People.. Lol I'm asking about the price more than I am the road trip. I will be living in Belize so I figured a central American/ Mexican road trip should be called for, the paint job on it looks great, was recently done pics are below.... There are problems minor though....1. the exhaust has a new universal 2" cat and an older 1 3/4" muffler, the truck needs complete 2 1/2" exhaust to run right, it feels choked.
2. the stock air cleaner assembly was banged in a little to clear the master cylinder due to the different bracket design for the wrangler tub. He already acquired a wrangler bracket and master cylinder to cure the problem and I have a stock cj air cleaner assembly as well. 3. passenger side wiper assembly need to be reinstalled and realigned.

Thegoddessofny 06-29-2012 07:41 AM

Thegoddessofny 06-29-2012 07:51 AM seller is going to throw in the hard top, the vehicle is in the new York area don't think this is selling for less than 3500, at least a few grand was thrown in it.

Cj7otr 06-29-2012 09:53 AM

I know I gave more input on the trip vs the jeep but I just feel compelled. Anyway, if your going to be living down there you may want to just look for a jeep down there. Also, you may want to consider the import tax on bringing in a vehicle in Belize. When I imported a vehicle in Costa Rica the tax was equal to the value of the vehicle. So a $4,500 jeep would mean an instant $4,500 in import taxes upon arrival. Just something to consider.
I've had my CJ for about 10 years and have modified and updated almost everything and I would still have to think long and hard about that long of a trip. On the other hand, it does sound like fun!

CJ-John 06-29-2012 02:11 PM

Sorry about the trip answer to a jeep question, I'll bet that's the going rate around the city. The pictures make it look pretty good. I've never had a CJ in that age range but I do read that is the group with computer controlled carburetor on them. The point is a possible problem in the jungle away from the local parts store. You might want to get some other opinions on this point. but overall have you climbed around underneath it looking for rust on the frame, body mounts, and floor boards? I'm in upstate NY and most CJ's rusted away quick or had fiberglass bodies installed long ago. It may also pay to pay an expert in your town to put it on a lift and look it over.

Dempsey 06-29-2012 11:10 PM

Your question is not easily answered. Everyone has different levels of ability. I know my cj inside and out and I wouldn't do a trip like that but thats outside your question.

The CJ looks to be in better shape than most. Some has installed a family style YJ roll bar which tells me someone knew something. If you don't know how to fix the stuff that is wrong expect to pay a good bit at the shop. More than likely it needs a tune up or carb rebuilt on the engine. Steering can probably be fixed with a new shaft and reinforce the box and maybe add a brace. Assuming the rest is right.

Since it is a northen vehicle there is rust on it or it has been repaired. I'd ask about repairs.

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