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eboven 06-30-2012 01:36 AM

Front end makeover
Did some work on my TJ today; made some major improvements to the front end. I just acquired some Truck-lite Plase 7 LED headlamps; my father-in-law is the director of sales for Truck-lite, so I got a killer deal on them! I figured this was a good time to paint the headlight bezels and take off those stupid milk jugs!

I am extremely impressed with the headlights! They look really clean, especially once I painted the bezels black. The fitment was perfect, all the original hardware was re-used and held the lights in firmly. The light output is crazy! The low beams have an abrupt cut off point, but illuminate a very wide area, and the high beams are so bright, I'm worried about causing an accident if I accidentally leave them on for oncoming traffic.:whistling: My only complaint seems to be shared with others who also have the lights; the lenses scratch easily, I made minor marks when tightening the screws for the bezels. They are not visible unless you look REALLY closely, but it was nearly unavoidable using a torx screwdriver to tighten the bezel screws. Either way, I would recommend these headlights a million times over if you can afford the price tag.

For the bezels, I used Krylon Fusion flat black. I sanded the bezels and mounting rings down and hit them with about 4 coats of the paint. I am very impressed with the way they turned out, very evenly coated, and the color is exactly what I wanted.

Here's some pics!

Headlights installed, bezels painted, and milk jugs removed!

Close up of the headlights and bezels

Front end

Low beams - no fog lights

Low beams - with stock fog lights

High beams

jeepwayoflife 06-30-2012 02:02 AM

Looks real sharp! How bright are the headlights compared to stock? :wavey:

alice the cat 06-30-2012 02:13 AM

I need 2 sets of those headlights but I keep thinking the price is going to come down. They are about $500 a pair right? We need a group buy or something :)
The only complaint I have heard is from the the guys in cold weather when the snow won't melt off them. They look great on your Jeep BTW.

eboven 07-02-2012 01:58 PM

Thanks, guys! The headlights exceeded my expectations as far as brightness, and I had pretty high hopes! The high beams clearly illuminate a few hundred yards in front of you, they are noticeably brighter than stock. The color temp is perfect, IMO, they really do emulate daylight... when I have them on around dusk, the color is VERY close to the sun's light. They have a slightly blueish color to them, but it's not obnoxious like many HID kits I've seen.

The lights can be had for about 250 a pop, so yeah, about 500 for the pair of them. They are pricey, but they will outlast the truck, so the price is justifiable; not to mention, the performance is leaps and bounds better than the OEM lamps. You get some nods from Harley guys with them too; the lights also fit most Harley's with the 7" round headlamp. My manager's at work have been oodleing over them for the last few days, they want them for their bikes!

I will have to see how they do in the winter; I live in Colorado so we get our fair share of snow! From what I've read, however, the lights should not accumulate snow. The lower operating temps will not melt snow as readily as regular halogen or HID lights will, but this is supposed to be better. When the snow melts from the heat, it leaves water and ice on the lamp, which allows snowflakes to bond better, meaning more snow build-up. By not melting the snow, it is supposed to reduce snow build up while driving. I guess we'll see this winter how true that rings.

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