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nwbronco 07-01-2012 09:06 PM

Evans Creek June 30th
Six of us; Skawt, Mr. Fish, Rich, Tom, the Decandia's, and us. Headed out Saturday to check out Evans Creek.

We started in on the 311 trail and ran through the campground to 520. 311 was clear, and a good trail for the JK and JKUs in the group.

We hit 520 and it started out clear. Rich and I tried the first 'to the right' bad spot. Neither of us made it. I managed to polish that rock up black and shiny...

We both had to be strapped over it. From there, the switchbacks were tight enough that some of the JKUs had to make them in a 2 or 3 point turn.

nwbronco 07-01-2012 09:16 PM

Evans Creek June 30th part II
The forum is fighting me today for some reason. Got it take the first part. Now let's see how it behaves for the rest...

We managed to watch a tree for on Rich's rig as we went through another switchback.

And as you can see in the pic, it rained the entire time we were out there. Buckets at times.

We made it all the way up to about the 4100 foot level of 520, probably 1000 yards are so from the rock pile, and hit a heavy snowpack. Skawt got over it, Tom highcentered. We had to use Mr. Fish to help spin Skawt around on the snow. Then used him to pull Tom up and over. We got the other 4 rigs to back up about 100 yards to another turnaound spot. I managed to get soaked getting all this worked out. (Had a change of shirt and rain jacket in the rig fire after). I have no pics of this event. Not sure if one of the other guys did.

We headed back down 520 and hit 7930. Went and found the mudhole. (Anne had to see it). And Rich had to take a turn through it.

Bob K.

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