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Give Me The Willys 07-03-2012 10:20 AM

Need advice on buying a used Jeep
Hi all - new member here. My son & I went to the Bantam Jeep festival last year & are going again this year. He's really interested in military history; as a result, he's wants a Jeep to be his first vehicle. I'm not real familiar with them an have been slowly educating myself about them. we are planning on surprising him with one for his 18th birthday (coming up soon). He's not into the newer ones, and doesn't mind working on them. I've been combing used car lots and Craigslist ads; since it's his first vehicle, I'm not looking to beak the bank on it, particularly if it may end up upside down in the woods somewhere (I'm not ruling out the "yeehaw" factor with him), I'm looking to spend no more than $4K. The big question is: what should I look out for when inspecting a used jeep? Also, what makes a Jeep street legal vs. not? I'm aware of looking underneath for REALLY bad rusting (we've passed on a coule already), dripping oil, etc.. Any advice you have would be most appreciated. Also, I don't know if anyone would be up for this, but I'd be willing to slide a coiuple bucks to someone with Jeep experience to go with me on a final inspection before I buy one,...sort of like a consultant fee. Thanks in advance.

Resq7117 07-03-2012 08:16 PM

Seems like you know your basics, motor knocks, buring oil smell, tranny fluid smell, undercarriage etc, jeeps are bad with frame rust if not kept clean, I got mine pretty well loaded(lifts, locker, new mud terrains, new soft top, lots of stainless, ford 8.8 swap, slip yoke eliminator, and a few other odds n ends), i stole it for $6k with only 75k miles, so if you are just looking for a stocker you should be able to do that $4k fairly easy, the one thing that was wrong with mine was the rear frame rails from the shackles bushings back was completely rotted out, now it was a fairly easy fix with some plates ordered off CL and a friend with a welder, so I would be willing to take a peek at one with ya if you live near me(Venango/Mercer county area).

JDeBlois 07-05-2012 11:16 PM

Like Resq said, you seem to know your basics and in what to look for. IMO, the farther south you are, even leaving the state and heading to Va or farther, will do you very well. I know you said his birthday is comin' up soon, but do your research. I went to Texas to get mine for 5 grand with no rust...

I'm up in Northcentral PA and theres quite a few YJ's for sale around here rather cheap and I know a guy sellin' a 2000 that's in good condition. PM me and I'll get some info for ya.

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