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Iheskitt 07-06-2012 11:58 AM

A few basic Monstaliner questions
I have read a ton of Monstaliner threads in preparation to to my whole jeep, inside and out, and I wanted to get a thread going to answer/address a few basic questions that will be easy access instead of having to search a bunch of different threads for answers. If you have used Monstaliner at all, please, your input, tips, and experiences will be much appreciated.

Does/can Chassis Saver act as a primer or is it necessary to prime over it before a topcoat?

What is required to prep the tub for Monstaliner application?

What is a good primer to use before Monstaliner application?

How much Monstaliner is recommended to coat inside and outside of tub?

Is Monstaliner effective in preventing rust from forming (or in my case, spreading) on body panels or floor boards.

'Viencent' has a great write up on his experience as well as providing steps he used to thin out the texture if you so choose. I plan on following his instructions because I really like the look of the smoother texture. His write up can be accessed here Introducing MONSTALINER™ UV Permanent DIY Roll On Bed Liner - Page 276 -

If you are reading this thread, you know how awesome this stuff can look when done properly as well as protect against the elements, so please provide any help you can. Pictures are encouraged as well! Thanks.

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