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MUFDVR77 07-07-2012 01:56 AM

Need parts/advice in Eastern Pa??
If anyone, who lives in the eastern part of Pennsylvania (or anywhere for that matter) and needs parts or advice on their Jeep, a good place to check out is Northfield 4x4 in Ashfield, Pa. Im going down there tomorow to, hopefully, end my search for "my jeep". He is the "go to guy" for all my friends needs regarding his, and many others, Jeeps. The dudes name is Jerry and his number is (610) 377-3992. He deals in nothing but Jeeps. Buys old ones to salvage parts to build his own etc... Its around the Lehighton, Weissport, Bowmanstown vicinity (for those of you familiar with the area). Thought id throw that out there in case someones in a bind.

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