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jeeptales 05-08-2006 01:41 PM

Be sure to have your kid's set up your DVR for this one
Ok I'm back for the Palo Duro Jeep Jamboree; a whole lot of rain but it was still a blast. In 18 years this is the first time it has ever rained on the Palo Duro Jeep Jamboree. Other than the year it was rained out... We were all at the bottom by the time the rain started to fall so the show had to go on.

So far I have collected about 1,600 Photos and 60 or so movie clips from this past weekend... I'll get the Photos, Clips and the review on by Friday; I hope.

We’re also going to be getting in some Photos from the LBL Jeep Jamboree soon too.

But; for those of you who want to learn more about Jeep Jamboree USA and just what the trail has to offer at the Texas Spur Jeep Jamboree make sure you watch this...

I have a bet with some folks at the JJUSA office the 2007 Texas Spur Jeep Jamboree will sell out by Christmas 0f 2006. That would be a record 25 days after tickets go on sale.

This film crew followed our group for the better part of two days

Check this out...

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