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ajkman 07-09-2012 06:30 PM

How to radio reset?
I have a 2009 Wrangler X that wasn't started for a few weeks. I ended up jumping it with another vehicle and the lights and windshield wipers wouldn't stop working. I ended up shutting down the vehicle, and disconnecting the battery to reset these items (which are now working). This is when I noticed the radio was not working. I replaced the fuse (M10) and did the battery disconnect reset thing, but I still don't have a functioning radio. All other fuses appear in good order. I understand that during the jump the radio may have received too much electricity, and therefore, may have been shorted out. I have removed the radio and am looking for a reset button (or perhaps a method to reset). Is anyone aware of a fix for this issue (before I purchase a new radio)?

eboven 07-09-2012 08:00 PM

If it's the original Jeep radio, the only way to reset is to disconnect from power for 5+ minutes, then hook it back up. You can emulate this by disconnecting the battery for the same amount of time, then reconnecting it. Sounds like you did that already with no luck. There will not be a reset button unless it is an aftermarket stereo. Also, if it is an aftermarket radio, they usually have their own dedicated fuse on the radio chassis; unplug the wiring harness to access it. These are usually what blows when the vehicle is jumped and too much current is seen.

ajkman 07-09-2012 08:39 PM

Thank eboven for the reply! I drew some inspiration from the video below and visited my local Radio Shack for some equipment. The guys there let me play around with some stuff in the back. I was able to conduct a successful test of the radio with some extra wires, speakers and a couple of 12V batteries. The "bench test" revealed the radio to be in good working order. I will look at the wiring (maybe a bad relay?) next to see if this is where the problem lies.

ajkman 07-10-2012 11:47 AM

Today I re-installed the radio and reconnected the battery after letting it sit overnight on a gut feeling that maybe it would work (even though I had tried this previously). Scha-zam - the darn thing started working again. It's a mystery that I can't explain, but it works now.

An easy way to see if your factory radio (09 Wrangler) powers up (assuming fuses are good) is to remove the dash as depicted in the video below. After this, pull the plugs from the back and remove radio. There are two bigger sections in the rear of the radio for plugs. They are separated by a smaller plug in the center. Looking at the back of the radio, you will be focusing on the big plug in on the right side.

Inside this are two larger flat pieces. You will need to connect a 12V battery to these pieces. Connect a negative (black cable) to the flat piece on the left, and a positive (red cable) to the piece on the right. To check if power is running through the radio, hit the eject button for a CD. The radio should do something as this point. All the supplies to do this can be picked up at Radio Shack. Cables with clamps at the end are helpful.


eboven 07-10-2012 05:35 PM

Glad you got it working again... usually the reset needs AT LEAST 5 minutes to actually work, capacitors in the radio and other modules store voltage, so they need time to drain completely for the full reset. You can speed this up by shorting the device's positive and negative leads together, only after you have disconnected the device from power This is why you will sometimes see both battery cables disconnected from the battery, then held together for 30 seconds. The direct short will almost instantly drain any residual current left in the circuit. Just make sure that you don't have any external power going to the unit still, or you will let all the smoke out... you can't put it back in either!:banghead:

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