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sgort2 07-09-2012 10:06 PM

P1391 but the Jeep runs fine
Here's the background; It's a '97 4.0l, auto, rebuilt motor and transmission, including a frame replacement due to an accident, about 1K miles ago. The CEL was not on before the rebuild. The shop that rebuilt the motor and replaced the frame had the code come up after everything was put back together yet the jeep runs and idles fine except for the P1391 code. The shop replaced both crank and camshaft sensors. Yes, the shop should have fixed the problem before I took the jeep back but the work was done through a friend as a favor, long story but that ship has sailed. I read the famous "Solving P0300-0306 & P1391 Codes *Finally*" thread and did everything in the thread including 2 new sensors even though the shop said they replaced them and eliminated both connectors by soldering the wires together. I can clear the code and drive for 30 miles or 3 miles and the CEL will not come on. As soon as it is started, after the first code clear and drive, the CEL consistently comes back on. My guess is there's either a short in the engine wiring harness as a result from being damaged during the rebuild or the ECU was damaged during the rebuild. Any help or suggestions would greatly be appreciated, please ask questions if I left any back round info out, thanks.

rlasky 08-19-2012 05:32 PM

I have joined this forum for the same purpose. I do all my own mx on my 98 TJ. I've been throwing this code for six years. It never ran bad or have I noticed any anomolies. I too have swapped the Crank Sensor and replaced the distributor, yet I still get the code. Typically it codes when I am accellerating pushing 3000 rpm.

When new, I had issues with the instrument cluster going off line. Jeep replaced it three or four times. Finally the fourth issue cured it for the most part. Even today, the fuel gauge will go ape-shit. So, I am thinking it is what it is. I'll post if I find a cure!

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