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highspeed88 07-10-2012 03:03 AM

Aftermarket navigation and sound system
I bought my '12 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport with the intention of upgrading to an in-dash navigation unit and upgraded speakers. The lack of "balls" of the 130 sound system has me looking into my options even faster then expected. My questions are: Has anyone installed a double din in-dash navigation unit? If so, how does it fit/look? What speakers have people used to replace the factory ones? Are the factory speakers water proof/resistant?

I am currently looking into some of the Kenwood navigation units because have have received very good reviews, particularly the Kenwood DNX7190HD. I am open to other suggestions as long as they are in-dash and have traffic updates/rerouting that actually works.

As far as speakers go, I really do not know what I need. I am not sure I need amps and a subwoofer. I want something that will sound good and fairly loud while I have the top down doing 65 mph. I listen to a range of electronic dance music, rock, and popular music. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

AudiS4 07-10-2012 03:19 AM

Kicker makes a box and speakers for the soundbar! I would start there.

Afmcronnie 07-10-2012 05:51 AM

There is a removable box/subwoofer/amp setup that mounts to the tailgate. Speakers are pretty subjective. You can get 100 different opinions from 75 different people. I cut open an old pillow and stuffed the sound bar with polyfill, bought a Garmin and plug in my cellphone to the aux jack.

Cruise missile 07-10-2012 07:17 AM

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The adapter from Crutchfield makes a double-din head fit very nicely.

The problem is that it relies solely on the dash for support and would move when bouncing around in the Jeep. There is a bracket in the dash that has to be removed to make room for the new head unit. This bracket supported the back of the factory head as well as the top center of the dash (storage bin).

I cut the bottom off the bracket and ground it down in a couple of spots in order to retain it. (sorry, no pics)

Once It cleared, I re-installed it and used a large hose clamp to secure the aftermarket head to it. The clamp runs around the bottom and sides of the head unit and then over the tab for the storage bin screw.

No movement at all.

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