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HeatherG 07-11-2012 05:45 PM

Cuts out and shuts off
Hi everyone! This is my first post, and unfortunately it's about a problem my Jeep is having. I've got a '99 6-cyl 4x4, just picked it up a few months ago. I've noticed that when I hit a bump that jars the jeep, something like a pothole, it'll try and shut down for a moment and the engine light will flash once and be gone. Engine, electrics, everything just shuts off for a moment and then resumes like nothing's wrong. The worst was while climbing a dirt hill and hitting some bumps on the way up, the jeep just shut off and didn't want to restart until it was on level ground. While trying to restart it the key light came on. It took at least a minute, maybe two, to get it restarted.
Mods include Flowmaster exhaust, Banks intake kit and torque plate, sound system, and a lift with tires.
Hope this isn't too vague. Thanks for the insight :D

1997TJv2.0 07-11-2012 06:16 PM

Sounds like a loose ground somewhere... vague I know. I had the same problem on a chevy pickup turned out to be the body ground on the fender.

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