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soupy1957 04-05-2008 02:25 PM

A Couple of Updates
A) The Nuts that have to be taken off, before removing the doors, on the 2008 Wrangler, ARE "Righty-Tighty, Lefty-Loosey" as I found out AFTER a Tech at my dealership told me they were "left-handed threads." (I broke on, finding out). Now I have to
order a new hinge for the door, which comes in un-painted, and has to be painted to match.

(The upside of this is that even without the lock nut, the door will not rattle or come out. It's mostly a rain and snow and crap blocker, than anything else and I could do without any of the nuts if need be).

B) Today we had our first 60F + day, so I took down the Soft Top. Had a WONDERFUL ride around town!!

Some notes about the Soft Top:

A) The snap you are supposed to hear when you put the top back up, (video by Chrysler) only applies to the SunRider Top and there is nothing to clamp on to, with a standard Soft Top (non-SunRider).
B) There's a double flange on the portion of the top that sits along the top of the doors. Only the first plastic flange bends up and into the door frame.
C) Even though the video from Chrysler states that you should only partially engage the clamps behind the visor, prior to completing the putting together of the soft top, I had no problem fully locking them, prior.
D) The front bolt that is used primarily for the Hard Top install, will interfere with the plastic add-on door frames for the Soft Top, and it is your option to put them back on or not, but I noted the dealerships' crew had screwed them down as a hold-down for the plastic door frame. (Unnecessary, IMHO).
E) The Little orange locking clip that holds the door electrical connector, doesn't have to come all the way out, (although it will), to release the connector. (A quick poke with a flat head screwdriver against the 90 flange on the orange clip will release it, if your fingers are having trouble.
F) The doors are HEAVY!! Be ready for that!!
G) Wave out the open hatchway when the doors are off, to further upset all those other Wrangler drivers who pass you, because they didn't take the time to get their vehicle opened up!!


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