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rbtp 04-05-2008 06:11 PM

Towing with a JK 4dr
Hi all-
Anyone have experience towing with JK 4dr? I'm thinking of getting the Rubicon. Rated capacity is 3500lbs. My tent trailer loaded weights 3400lbs and does have electric brakes. I'm worried that this is close to the max.

How's it do on the climbs?
How's it feel on at speed (60-65mph) on the highway? Does the tail wag the dog?
How's it feel on the curves?



rbtp 04-07-2008 07:25 PM


Haven't had any replies...hope that doesn't mean that nobody tows with a JK. I do more camping than off-roading. I've always loved Wranglers, but never owned one. The 4dr JK is the first Wrangler capable of pulling my trailer. I don't want to make a $30K mistake.


AzTJ 04-07-2008 07:28 PM

I've seen pics of a JK 4dr pulling a Cherokee on a trailer. But I don't have any first hand experience.

richp 04-09-2008 08:45 PM

With it's wheelbase and cherokee size I wonder if the type of transmission has anything to do with it. I know the XJ with 5 speed was rated lower than the same XJ with automatic from the factory. I think the 5 speed was rated 3500 and the automatic was rated 5000.

4Jeepn 04-09-2008 10:35 PM

100lb difference is way way to close.. Get close to 1000 difference and your in the ball park.

JeepRx 04-09-2008 10:48 PM

re towing
I tow a 3500 pound boat with no brakes with no problem

Jeep_Geek 04-10-2008 12:10 AM

I say you go to the dealer and tell them you want to test drive one towing your camper. If its in the weight limit why would they say no? Just tell the salesman you are ready to buy and they will let you do almost anything to keep you there.

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