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wi_sundevil 07-16-2012 09:47 PM

Need AX-15 Help/Suggestions..
Ok here is my a great deal on a 97, mechanically great, near no rust, cosmetically a disaster....gutted interior, new paint, 4 inch suspension lift, 33x12.5 just the way I want it...

Coming home one evening, jumped off the interstate to take a much more scenic route..came up to stop sign and low and behold truck is stuck in 5th gear. Clutch does engage/disengage. Of course Im still about 45 miles from home, going to be a monster tow, now I nursed it home, thankfully only two red lights and I am sure my clutch/pressure plate are a nice smokey brown, but its back in the garage....

So thats my story, NOW...I am almost ready to drop the tranny/transfer case, so I don't know if its alignement rods are fubar, throughout bearing, something broke, I dunno...

What would be an inexpensive replacement to the AX-15? I dont relish getting this one fixed or another AX-15 and have issues again. Now I can say the grease is NASTY so maybe it was low/shot. I have also read somewhere that the transfer case drop starves 5th for grease, is that true? Not sure how when 5th is the farthest back and should actually get more grease than 1st but I am no tranny expert.

If there isn't an inexpensive replacement, what should I have done/do to this one to beef it up to avoid further issues? Seriously this thing has some surface scale on the frame and that was it, thats how clean it was underneath so I plan on keeping it !

Any opinons, help suggestions are greatly appreciated! This is my fourth jeep and believe it or not first major issue.... 2 - CJs and now 2 Wranglers.

I plan on maybe building a 4.6 stroker for it, so keep that in mind with your suggestions.

somis 07-16-2012 10:23 PM

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Make sure your master slave is working properly. Start with all the small things. It could be the little end piece on the bottom of the shifter where it plugs into the tranny is jammed or wedged somehow.

wi_sundevil 07-16-2012 10:31 PM

Actually tranny is ready to drop.... The clutch operates normal, and the gimble as I will call it on the end of the shifter is in good shape. The plate that the end of the shifter seats into will move left/right but not up and down. As in 2 ft pry bar won't move it up or down.

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