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ThePhantomPatriot 07-17-2012 05:00 PM

YJ Rear Bumper Bolt Pattern
(Mods: if this thread is supposed to be in the Fab thread instead of YJ, please move it)

I'm designing an aftermarket set of bumpers, both front and rear, for my YJ. I was able to find the front bumper bolt pattern on here, however I can't find the pattern for the rear bumper.

What I need is the measurements (center to center & hole diameter) for the bumperette holes, as well as how far between the driver and passenger groups. Also I need the measurements for vertical hole in the bottom of the frame right near the rear bumper. I'm planning on using 8 bolts on the rear bumper & crossmember, which I understand is weak, and then have my tow hook mounted upside down as well as steel reinforcement tabs going from the bumper to the frame, so I would need the measurement from the center of the frame hole to the face of the crossmember as well as the diameter (I think it's 7/16").

Diameter & Spacing of bumper crossmember (bumperette) holes
Diameter & Spacing of vertical frame holes

Before someone posts "why don't you take your bumper off and measure" I don't have the proper tools to do so at this time.


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