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askmaxim 07-20-2012 03:45 AM

Overheating with half-cold radiatior (2nd in a row)

1. I searched and checked existing posts about overheating and could not find an answer to my problem readily. So, please allow me to bring up this topic again.

2. I changed radiators in a following sequence (I am the original owner of my 2000 TJ):
(a) Factory original (due to a leak between the upper reservoir and the core, No overheating) -
(b) New one - after a year/8000 miles it started to overheat.
I touched the core with my palm from the engine side - the right (passenger) half of it was hot while the left (driver) side half cold. Flushing did not help.
(c) Swapped it back to the factory original (which I kept) - No overheating, living up with that minor leak
(d) Put another new one in (authentic, at the Jeep dealer) - and now, 2 years later, it started to overheat in the same way - the right (passenger) half hot, the left (driver) side half cold.

NB: have a functional airconditioner but don't use it. The car is kept clean and used on paved roads only. The cores of the AC and the main radiators are clean.

More specifically, during the first 10 minutes of driving I notice that the thermostat is working well (temperature going up to the thermostat treshhold, just above the middle notch on the gauge, then a bit down, then climbs up.)

I am able to drive in this hot summer weather, but on the top edge before boiling. Coast downhill on neutral to knock the temperature down (it helps).

City stop and go or highway 70 mph - same problem.

I think Chrysler should know about this/

Any idea (to the point, please)?

Thank you!

Tonycrd 07-20-2012 05:25 AM

Well, it's obvious you have a flow problem in your system. You could try to flush the rad again, with rad cleaner or take it to a specialist to have it looked at/cleaned.

Then, I don't know if you have a 4 or 6 cil but on mine the lower radiator hose has a metal spring in it to keep it from collapsing. On my buddies 2.5 the spring rotted away because of bad coolant (water..) and broke, blocking some of the flow.

And welcome to WF! :thumb:

askmaxim 07-23-2012 06:24 AM

Dear Tony, thank you for your ideas!

0 - I have a 4.0 liter 6-cyl automatic 2000 US Sport with air conditioner (including the heavy duty electricals group)

1 - I just showed my Jeep to the dealer. They have no idea so will change everything (rad, pump, thermostat)

2 - may I ask you (or perhaps somebody reading this) a favour:
after driving and shutting the engine touch your radiator with a palm from the fan (engine) side.
Is it evenly hot on the driver side and the passenger side? Mine is much colder on the driver half. There is an invisible vertical line somewhere in the middle dividing the hot and the cold parts of the same radiator core. But it seems to be all filled up and coolant draining into the expansion cup.

3 - I noticed this JK Wrang post:
but I can't post a reply there (not enough permission - ??)
Somebody please tell that person to touch the rad with a palm like I said.


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