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fallenmotoangel 04-12-2008 01:36 PM

where is everyone???
why is it that there are never any meets up in the cleveland area i know there are clubs but i never see any of them around. i pass at least 5-10 jeeps or wranglers a day going to and from work. but besides the wave there is never anything going on? why is that?

G54 04-12-2008 02:25 PM

Check this out!

GeneralTJWillys 08-20-2008 08:32 PM


That link didn't work for me. I live near Toledo, but I have family in the Cleveland area. I was going to find out if there was anything going on around there myself for when I'm in the area.
Anywhere to go?

G54 09-02-2008 07:59 PM

Huh. The link must have expired. I really don't even remember what it was about. I got CRS.

fallenmotoangel 09-13-2008 12:51 PM

not really i mean tuesday nights abunch of people meet up at BK on 91 in eastlake but thats about it its not just jeeps there tho,,,

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