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JeepNemesis 07-23-2012 11:40 PM

Looking for advise about an 88 wrangler
I am looking to get into wheeling, and I am looking at buying a jeep. I am looking at buying an 88 Wrangler and as I am a noob (all I know is I want to get into it) I was wondering if you would give me some advise on this jeep...

I don't know a lot but I am concerned about the 38" on the 4.10 gears and Dana30/35.

Any help/advise would be GREATLY appreciated.

The specs are:

258 straight 6, 3" flowmaster duall exhaust. New 32/36 DGEV carburetor. New harmonic balancer. 4" Rough Country suspension w/ 3" body lift.

New heavy duty steering shaft, front posi-lok system, Dana 30 w/ 4.10 gears. New brakes, rotors, calipers, ss brake lines, upper and lower ball joints, and every bushing, seal and bearing replaced.

Rear lock right traction control differential. Dana 35 w/ 4.10 gears. New brake drums w/ complete brake assembly replaced, and every bushing, seal and bearing replaced. Double cardan driveshaft.

New super swamper TSL SX's (38.5x 14.50x 15) with less than 200 miles. 15x 10 Weld Racing wheels

All new Smittybilt XRC front and rear tube fenders w/ front 3" flare, Smkittybilt rear bumper w/ swing ouy tire carrier, Smittybilt front XRC stinger.

0III0forlife 07-23-2012 11:55 PM

IMO unless its for a really great price, I would say no way.

The tires are too big for the machine. Period.

The D35 rear shouldn't have more than a 33" tire at the most, even then its iffy.

The D30 front is good for 35" tires.

A 258 6cyl. with 4.10 gears and that big of a tire, would be a really big dog. If the axles could handle the tires(and they cant), the gear ratio should be atleast a 4.88, if not a 5.13.

My jeep has a 258, with 4.56 gears and 35's and it is lacking power, but i manage cause i have been in a jeep most of my life.

Cant tell you what to do or what to spend your money on, but, my opinion on it is, its all for show and none for go.

90DesertTanYJ 07-24-2012 06:30 AM

Someone has spent a ton of money on it setting it up for wheeling and its semi capable of getting your ass in a sling pretty quick. You might try a more stock one first and learn how Wranglers act and react to trail situations. Like Life guy above said he can handle a bigger tire and his gearing because he has been in jeeps most of his life.

At least I would find someone who wants the tires and sell em off and come down a few notches to match the tire to the gearing. And I agree, no need to go bigger than 33". You have to be careful as first Jeeps are usually where you learn how to flip one and sticking it up on 38's seems to be a good start to this goal as well. I just bought my YJ with 32" and I am learning this Jeeps capabilities before I take it out. This is my 4th CJ-YJ type and about my 10th 4wd and each is different in some ways.

Be careful and enjoy!

4Jeepn 07-24-2012 06:38 AM

more of what was said above; I would pass and keep looking. Try to buy one as close to stock as you can unless you know exactly who built it and how good of a job they did. In the jeep above too many things wrong with the build.

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