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jcon12 07-28-2012 07:45 AM

89 engine options
just bought an 89 4 cyl - 5 speed, std as father son project. What are our options to swap engines to a 6 cyl?
what else would need to be changed out?

4Jeepn 07-28-2012 10:08 AM

4.0L(jeep) or even stepping up to a v8 will need about the same amount of work..cost will vary of course and about the only thing you can reuse would be the t-case with both. but even that might need a new input gear. If you go the v8 route consider a rear axle swap as the stock dana 35 is not that strong.

0III0forlife 07-28-2012 10:25 AM

changing from a 4cyl to a 6cyl although it isnt impossible, requires a multitude of changes.

Your YJ will need:

New frame towers, old ones cut out and new ones welded in.
New bell housing.
New trans and t-case.
New drive shafts.
New exhaust.
New wiring harness, including the tach in the dash, 4 to 6cyl arent compatible.

Basically, its easier to swap in a small block chevy or ford motor, and use their trans and t-case. Then you will just need to get custom made drive shafts. But you will still have a nightmare with wiring, and emissions if required in your area.
And like 4jeepn said, the rear is a Dana35, and it wont handle the torque from a V8, so it will need replaced as well.

IMO, keep the 2.5L and put your money into the jeep in other ways, it wont be a powerhouse, but it will still be fun to play with.

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