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absolutspl 07-29-2012 03:11 PM

Install a seat slider on rear seat & lift it 2 inches


Parts needed

Superstrut 1 ⅝ in. x1 ⅝ in. x 10 ft. Metal Framing Channel or Superstrut 1 ⅝ in. Wide x 13/16 in. High x 10 ft. Long, 12 Gauge Metal Framing Channel, Gold Galvanized depending on if you want the seat raised 1 ⅝ inches or 2 inches.

16 GRADE 8 5/16th x bolt, nut (nylon stop), and washer.

6 Metric M10 1.5 40 Bolts

1 set
SEAT SLIDE PAIR Brand new, SEAT SOLUTIONS model 90000BK pair adjustable seat slides. Powder coat painted, Sturdy steel construction. Easily adapted to many seats.

  • Positions 8
  • Travel 5-5/8" This is how far you seat will be to move when you done
  • Bolt Pattern Universal 11-5/8" max. depth center to center
  • Bolt Hole 5/16" diam.

1. Remove rear seat,flip up and pull out.

2 a. Remove rear seat brackets This can be very tricky. You will need a T50 Torx socket(At least I did with my 2006 Unlimited). Attach that to an impact wrench or a socket breaker bar. If you cant break it free spray some pb blaster and let sit then try again. Once you removed all 8 Torx head bolts, put them aside with the seat brackets.

2 b. With everything removed I have wanted to Bed liner the back of the unlimited. So thats what I did. I wrote up a procedure on how to do it.
3. Cut the superstrut to (2) 15" pieces. Paint them to match seat brackets.

4. Attach the bottom of the seat slide to the top of the sign post . Use all GRADE 8 5/16th x bolt, nut, and washer. Use a bolt everywhere holes line up... at least 3 not a good place to cheap out.
5. Attach the rear seat bracket to the top side of the seat slider.

6. Attach the superstrut to the holes that the original seat brackets were mounted using Metric bolt m10 1.5(thread) 40mm that match the treading of the 8 Torx bolts you removed. One of those bolts will be able to go through both the superstrut & the bottom of slider.

7. Slide the top of the seat slider on to the bottom.

You now have a rear seat that is 1 ⅝ or 2 inches higher, great for under seat storage. can side 5 ⅝ inches toward the back door for your taller passengers.

Kentuckytj 07-29-2012 09:16 PM

Good pics, how does it affect the seatbelt positions? Are they long enough? Also where is the pics of the lift and what kind?

Fireaxe 07-29-2012 11:01 PM

Looks cool. How easy is it to take the back seat out with these installed?

absolutspl 07-30-2012 05:53 AM

Lift is from slider install
The small superstut & the slide height equals 1 5/8 lift. Seat belts area still ok legth in any postion of chair. If you use the taller superstut this lift will be 2 3/8" lift. And you would you need more length... pepboys or autozone has seat belt extensions.

The whole thing about 4 hours including the planning. But does not inlude paint & bedliner drying time.

absolutspl 07-30-2012 05:56 AM

The seats come out exactly the same but i find it easier to put them back in because i can see whats going on.

Kentuckytj 07-30-2012 06:14 AM

Oh ok, I read your title as two different projects. Ie.. The seat strut and a lift kit

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