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Daemonaquila 07-29-2012 09:37 PM

Oops - horn got wet, now it's kaput.
I'm sure someone here has had this problem - any advice? Foolishly believing the weather report that said we had 0% chance of rain all weekend, I left my Jeep sitting with the top down when I left town. A friend who was house-sitting was awakened in the wee morning hours by thunder, torrential rains, and my horn going off as the column got soaked. She went with the quick solution of yanking the battery cables. When I got back the next day, I drained all the water, baked out the rest, and reconnected the cables. She ran like a dream. The only problem I had was that several times that day, my horn went off. Each time, when I raised the hood, it stopped so I let it go and figured that it was still just wet and would dry out shortly. Finally, it happened and it didn't just cut off when I opened the hood, so I pulled the 2 horn fuses.

A couple weeks went by before I got the urge to put the fuses back in. But once I did, I haven't been able to get a peep out of my horn. Ideas?

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