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TrailHaunter 07-30-2012 07:03 PM

I've seen this happen on a few other YJs but after I turn the wipers on and then off, they don't go down all the way. Any ideas?

LJMJ 07-30-2012 07:20 PM

Typically, it's a problem in the wiper motor itself. As long as the wiring to it is good. One of the wires should have power all the time with the key on (that's for the "park" function) if it does, and the wipers work normally otherwise - replace the motor.

WVrider 07-30-2012 08:25 PM

Mine did that, I had to drop the windshield and the motor had some loose wires, tightend them up, added some precautions, back to working 100%.

CPLSeraphim 07-30-2012 09:16 PM

I did mine recently, and had a hell of a time.New wiper motor, same old problem, plus replacing windshield hinges that broke, cowl seal that ripped, and my doors aren't lined up anymore. I would just adjust them to be out of your way when driving, and be done with it. The whole endeavor cost me like $400, and they still do the same thing.

Just my .02

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