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kcasey 07-31-2012 05:46 AM

Rain Rain...
Ok, so i have read stories of ppl getting caught in the rain with the top down.

well, this am, as i was on my way to drop my wife at her work, heading to my work, 60% chance. 5:15am blam. sprinkel. no big.

then, we hit a light, and it started to poor down. we made it to her work, she jumped out,.. no kiss, no love u. just a high pitched scream and like the flash she was in side, leaving me to soak. well i saw over by the back of the lot a small section that the ground did not look as wet, so i went there, still spitting but nothing like the pooring rain , i jumped out. and in about 3 min, pulled the top up, and latched it. i did not worry about getting the side pins hooked (so i can use the summer partial top) just latched the two on the windsheild, pulled the two back flaps and secured them on the lip on each back cornor of the back...

now i dont travel with my windows.. so .. no windows. i spent the nxt 5 min, using a small towel the wife had over her head to wipe off the dash, and inside windsheild. and headed 30 min to my work.

on the way. it was like being in a carwash. tons of rain, deep puddles. but..

i was dry, i was also surprised that pushing 50 the top, without the windows stayed secure. i had never driven with the top up, but the windows out. i stayed under 60 cause the side catches where not secure, but it felt as if the top was not comming off..


another , Gold star for my Jeep Wrangler JK, i was surprised that without windows, but the top up, i dont get wet, and i was able to jump out and in a few short min. get the top up, sure the dash and inside was wet, seats.. Not leather, so they will dry. but. all in all, Im impressed.. again with my ride, and glad i got it.. :dance:

i have the mesh island topper at home and was going to fully remove the top and install this guy, use some schotch gard on the top for rain , that way im not hauling the full soft top around. i will have to install it to see if i think it will provide the same protection the stock soft top does.

just wanted to share... and yes. the inside while raining, is the biggest issue... imo. but i had a few trusty rags to allow me to see.


jacksonian 07-31-2012 05:53 AM

Cool story as long as your wife isn't mad at you. :-) I have only the hard top and want to keep it off as much as possible. I bought the Pavement Ends emergency top to throw on in case of emergencies like that. I need to do a practice run to get familiar with it. It comes with 2 ponchos. I better keep some towels handy too. Thanks for sharing your story.

Jbird26 07-31-2012 01:59 PM

You'd be surprised how dry you stay at highway speeds. I've been caught without windows, without the top, no doors.... pretty much every combination. It's all been manageable.

If it gets too crazy, just find a gas pump or bridge to hide under. When folks laugh as they pass, just laugh back because you're having more fun.

TRAUMAhead 07-31-2012 02:14 PM

They need to make windshield wipers for the inside.

tjmellinger 08-04-2012 10:55 PM

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Originally Posted by TRAUMAhead
They need to make windshield wipers for the inside.

I agree! Got caught in a downpour tonight without doors and windows so... I went muddin'! I need to keep a towel w me so I can wipe off the inside of the windshield.

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