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theclassymonter 07-31-2012 11:13 PM

Hello from Pittsburgh!

My name is Will and I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Next May I'll be turning 16 and my parents decided they're going to start this tradition that when their children turn 16, they would give them money toward a used car. That being said, I want a Wrangler and I have all my life.

That's why I'm here. To learn and experience the Jeep culture. When I go to get one, I want to be prepared.

I know that it will need work for it's lifetime. That's fine. I'm a DIY person anyway, and although my father or I have no idea about car mechanics we're willing to learn. As long as I have instructions, I'm fine.

So, uh, yeah! I'm ready to learn.

ern 07-31-2012 11:36 PM

From One Newb to Another
Hey Will!!!
Just joined the forum myself! Pittsburgh, huh? Me too...actually up around Cranberry. Maybe after you get your Jeep, me, you and your dad, could all help each other...I ain't necessarily the most mechanical guy around either...and I'm trying to teach my 14 year old son a thing or two about Jeeps (it's probably gonna end up being his eventually anyway).
Just picked mine up today at a Jeep dealer in Beaver Falls...a dark blue 2004 TJ.
Good Luck!!!

MrSig 08-01-2012 04:07 AM and enjoy the forum!

blkrubi88 08-01-2012 04:47 AM


RedBones 08-01-2012 04:59 AM


SilverSport 08-01-2012 06:47 AM

Will, Welcome Aboard! :wavey:

theclassymonter 08-01-2012 12:56 PM

Thanks everyone!

a.mona 08-01-2012 01:22 PM


dabolt55 08-01-2012 02:43 PM

Welcome and Happy Jeepin'...:wavey:

Beastmaster 08-01-2012 07:13 PM

Welcome to the forum! :wavey:

/l ,[____],
l---L -OlllllllO-
()_) ()_)--o-)_)

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