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rich solberg 04-20-2008 12:32 AM

help please?
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I'm looking for anybody who might be able to advise me on the engine swap
that I'm attemting to do.Last week I blew the engine my 94 wrangler 4.0 &
towed it home.Within a 1/2 hour a friend offered me a said to be a "good running engine" for free, it was in a 90 cherokee auto.I thought with a little
effort I can make it work after all a 4.0 is a 4.0 right ??? So I swapped the
water pump,intakemanifold,exhaustman,ect. so everything would match the
chassie hook-ups in the wrangler,so far so good, no major problems until I
went to add a piolit bearing to the engine crank. It had the auto trans in it so when I pulled the t-converter of there was no piolit bearing
behind it.So I go to the autopart stores to pick one up they don't have any
of course. I was shown the normal looking the flat roller piolit bearing. when I
got home to compare it to the old one on the blown engine it seems to apear
as though is seated in a sleeve pressed into the crankshaft,so anyways that's
my situation any help or advise woul be great !!!


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