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krisak 08-03-2012 11:37 PM

Tools Needed? - ECM, Crank Pos Sensor, etc?
I have an 05 4.0L automatic that just started stalling, typically at or coming off idle. I read through a lot of threads here and have a list of parts to replace, but I'm stuck away from home and without my normal set of tools (and manuals) I keep in the Jeep. Which means that while I'm buying parts, I also need to buy the tools needed to replace them.

The list of what I'm going to replace so far is:
ASD Relay
Crank Position Sensor
Gas Cap (Don't really need a tool for that...)
(Any suggestions on other bits to replace would be helpful.)

Here's a full description of the issue if anyone wants to turn this into yet another "my Jeep is stalling" thread. :D

I'm in Las Vegas, where it's been humid and in the 90s the past week. A couple of days ago I noticed that the engine started idling a bit rough, but not enough to seriously worry me.

Today, while sitting at a light, the engine died suddenly. It didn't sputter out, rather died suddenly as if the key had been turned off. Wouldn't restart. So I pushed it off the road and popped the hood. I reseated a lot of the electrical connections, checked all the fuses I could. Tried to start - engine cranked, but didn't fire at all.

After about an hour and a half the engine had cooled significantly. I tried to start it again out of curiosity. It was a hard start, but it did start and drove me the last 1/4 mile the house I'm at. Then died while I was idling it into the driveway (again, very sudden shutoff, no sputtering).

I tried to get the codes on the odometer, but there were none. I've also never noticed air rushing in/out of the gas tank, and I usually don't fill up until about 1/4 tank.

I haven't had any issues while at speed - even running the engine up to 4000+ RPM. No hesitation, no loss of power or sputtering. I rarely use the AC, and it wasn't on any time the engine died.

Once I replace those parts listed above I'll begin to suspect the fuel system, at which point I'll have to take it to a shop. So I'm hoping it's something simple I can replace and avoid that. I don't mind the shotgun approach to fixing it - I just keep the extra parts in my garage in case they go out in the future.

(On a side note, it was cool to see that of the 1000s of cars that passed by while I was waiting for the engine to cool it was 3 separate Jeeps that pulled off and offered help.)

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