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dustin 04-20-2008 04:28 PM

clicking noise in front end...HELP
I have a 98 wrangler 4.0. it has a 4" body lift and 32x11.50s. when i turn the wheels and accelerate there is a clicking sound coming from the driver side front of the jeep. i replaced the u joints on both side of the axle, and it didn't stop. i thought it might be the splines on the outer axle or maybe the wheelbearing hub assembly, but it doesnt look worn! i have no idea what else it could be. any input would be greatly appreciated! thanks

MR.CLIFFORD 04-20-2008 06:06 PM

can you take pictures of your 4" body lift?

Triple88a 04-20-2008 06:38 PM

i would rip that 4" BL right out.

anyhow when does the clicking happen? stop and have some one turn the wheels while you listen for the clicking.

dustin 04-27-2008 10:43 AM

it happens when i take off. if i drive in a circle it does it, or if i take off hard turning sharp. why would you take the body lift out?

Triple88a 04-27-2008 12:30 PM

4" body lift not only looks UGLY but its also unsafe.

Also for the clicking, when you turn does it happen repeatedly or just once or twice?

Click click click click click...?

also is it not a rattle it's a click?

This might not help but you never know. Put it in 4 hi and "take off" then. Does it still make noise?

dustin 04-27-2008 07:18 PM

yeah it does it in 4 hi too. its like a click click click click repeatedly. i got new wheelbearings and hubs comin in the mail, so i'll see if that was the problem or not. i think the bearings didnt have any grease in them. do you think that might make that type of noise? also which suspension lift do you recommend if i were to remove the body lift?

Triple88a 04-27-2008 07:24 PM

I'd recomend a 2" body lift. Many will recomend a 1" body lift however a 2" bl will replace everything u needed with ur 4" bl while a 1" will not so you will not know what to do. With 1" bl you will end up replacing the pucks and maybe the radiator brackets but thats it and you will have parts from the 4" bl left over and thats not good. a 2" bl will replace everything from the 4" bl.

dustin 04-28-2008 06:32 PM

ok thanks, i'll look into a 2" lift. the 4" was on it when i got it. i'll put some pics on here when i figure out how.

dustin 05-04-2008 07:50 PM

well i just replaced both wheel bearing hub assemblies and it still makes the noise! i guess i'll just drive it until something breaks.

jherrin215 05-04-2008 08:52 PM

I wanna see pics of it too. I have never seen a 4"BL on a TJ

ygohome 05-04-2008 10:01 PM

I had a couple of different "clicking" "popping" sounds in the past with my jeep.

One of them sounded like it was from the front passanger side. It is very difficult to discern exactly where a sounds is originating from. In this case it was actually comming from the rear drivers corner. lol. My hearing is pretty good but I couldve sworn it was from the front passanger. :D

Anyway, it was one of the wheel studs on the rear axle. I have alloy usa shafts and they have two different bolt hole patterns drilled. My studs are "screwed" in (not pressed in) to the axle. One of the studs was a few turns loose and was contacting the drum internals inside the rotor hat (rubicons came with rotors in the back but instide the hat it has drums for the emergency brake).

THe other noise took me forever to track down. Was happeneing since thanksgiving last year and I tryied everything to trace it. Checked rear driveline, front driveshaft, ujoint, unit bearings, even the tcase chain. Seemed to only happen on take off and on steep hill climbs. Turned out to be the front ring gear had a chipped tooth. Very small chip but it was on the tourque part of the ring so when I gave it throttle or climbed a hill in 4lo it would sound like a ratchet, very fast clicking/popping.

Other sounds I remember comming from the rear sway bar bushing cuz they were too tight. The links bolts were so tight that when I'd back down out of the driveway they give just a little and "POP" free.

in other words, it could be anything. :D

1BLKJP 05-05-2008 12:20 PM

Take a look at your frame and see if your tire is rubbing on it when you turn?

cocdieselkev 01-27-2011 05:54 PM

About the clicking, I was having a similar problem. When i would turn my wheel i would get a clicking sound or at low speeds in tunrs i would get a clicking sound too. I checked all my u joints they looked fine. i climbed under my jeep when someone was turning the wheel for me and it was my track bar clicking. I just found it tonight so i havne't fixed it yet but i'm pretty sure i need to tighten it down or replace to bushing. so if u haven't checked that it may be it. especially if have replaced the u joints and wheel bearings it worth a look. all i had to do to figure it out was put my had on the track bar and follow the vibration of the click down the the lower track bar bolt. when i cupped my hand around it and applied pressure there was no click and then when i let pressure off it started clicking again. hope this helps.

Annathan 02-08-2011 03:59 PM

I also have a clicking it only happens when I take off. If I start our real slow it does not happen but if I accelerate quickly it clicks a couple of times maybe 6 - 10 times. Once I get up to about 7 or 8 miles an hour the clicking stops.
Any idea's ?

Redwrangler8 02-08-2011 07:18 PM

My jeep does the samething but it's when I take off. It squeaks repeated then when I get around 10 mph it stops. Any suggestions?

Annathan 02-11-2011 02:09 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Any idea's???? I don't want something to break but I also don't want to bring it to a dealer to have it looked at.

Any help will be appreciated

coyote99 02-11-2011 03:07 PM

Another point about the body lift and Im not sure about the laws where you are, but in Virginia above a 3" body lift is illegal because of the danger involved

Annathan 02-18-2011 12:33 PM

Found my clicking problem... it is a worn bushing on the pivot arm of the shifter (2whell drive, 4 wheel drive hi, 4 wheel drive low shifter).
if I hold the shift lever when starting it does not make the sound so I looked underneath and there is was, completely worn out. I can move it with my hand and it sounds exactly the same.

cocdieselkev 07-08-2011 12:51 AM

Fixed It
Crawled under my jeep tightened down the track bar where it connects to the to the passenger side front axle side. No more clicking when i turned the wheel and its been good ever since.

TnDz TJ 07-08-2011 05:34 AM


Originally Posted by Annathan (Post 1064611)
Found my clicking problem... it is a worn bushing on the pivot arm of the shifter (2whell drive, 4 wheel drive hi, 4 wheel drive low shifter).
if I hold the shift lever when starting it does not make the sound so I looked underneath and there is was, completely worn out. I can move it with my hand and it sounds exactly the same.

GREAT!! Determination pays off! Now you can enjoy your weekend!!!!:cool:

jepptone 10-13-2013 12:47 AM

1989 jeep yj/ noise when starting out and follows to high speed, changed motor mounts

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