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mrbigjeep 04-21-2008 02:33 PM

my new front bumper
here is my new front bumper...looks pretty darn sharp. thick steel, very beefy, nice ends, and huge shackle tabs with really nice welds (pics definitely don't do justice).

Jaxs1stJeep 04-21-2008 02:46 PM

Looks crooked.

Driver's side is higher.

mrbigjeep 04-21-2008 03:32 PM

nah...just the way i took the pics...don't have a steady hand

lost 04-21-2008 03:39 PM

looks nice! now just watch out with your fenders, I bumped mine into trees more than a few times after I shortened my bumper

where did you get it?, I want one. :D

Scout 04-21-2008 03:41 PM

Looks great!

mrbigjeep 04-21-2008 10:11 PM

thanks guys

i had a local guy build it...he does all kind of stuff. does a really good job

[TheYJGuy] 04-22-2008 02:41 AM

It's a real sweet bumper, but the front tires are exposed. If someone hits you in the front end, you're gonna have NO protection.

debruins 04-22-2008 06:48 AM

i don't think thats necessarily true cause the only portion not protected by the bumper is the tires and fenders none of the engine compartment and none of the passenger compartment is directly behind those two things

[TheYJGuy] 04-22-2008 06:57 AM

I didn't mean about the engine, I meant the wheels and axles. :wavey:

mrbigjeep 04-22-2008 07:27 AM

oh well. i may go to tube fenders and a full width bumper with tube fenders would look ridiculous. plus the ends on the stock bumper would probably cave in anyway. it was already dented.

stock bumper didn't come out more than half the tire anyway

cavediverjc 04-22-2008 07:31 AM

That's true. Take a good look at your old stock stamped bumper. The only place where it offers real protection is in front of the grille. The ends will just fold into itself if you hit it hard enough on something.

Your new bumper looks great!!

Now get a winch and you're all set!!


rketr 04-22-2008 10:04 AM


Originally Posted by The_YJGuy88 (Post 221029)
It's a real sweet bumper, but the front tires are exposed. If someone hits you in the front end, you're gonna have NO protection.

However, if you hit any sort of rocks, a wider one will get in the way of allowing you to crawl up them. I have one similar in width and am looking to knock another 3 or 4 inches off each side...

Looks good.

rketr 04-22-2008 10:13 AM

Found a pic...

Here's a cool tip...when you get your winch, make the winch plate utilize the 4 screws that hold the bumper in place. Makes it removable for when not in use. (The 80-100 lbs off the front helps on the gas bills...)

Diff note: noticed that yours has the ends closed might be able to also use it as an air tank as well...

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