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zenfeck 08-07-2012 07:07 PM

2012 Sahara issues for a newb.
I bought my Jeep about 1 month ago. I love it so far and I am starting to experience some 'quirks' with my newest obsession and was wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences. The major issue I am concerned about is a strong exhaust smell that seems to come from the back of the Jeep when the cooling fan has been on for an extended period of time. It works like this...I will be out in the boonies or driving up a mountain road and the the fan will come on, this will go on for about 20 minutes before I get a strong exhaust smell coming from the back of the jeep. I have stopped and checked under the smell. It all seems to come from the back left end, under the Jeep. It is strong enough to give me a headache. Any ideas at to what might be causing this? I have also had 2 episodes of stalling, full tank both times, on a trail, not doing anything "crazy" at all. Today after I restarted the Jeep from a stall, I shifted in to drive and the it wouldn't engage, I had to shift back in to park and then back down in to drive before it would engage. I have called the dealer and I am taking it in tomorrow. I would appreciate any responses from drivers with similar experiences with the 2012. Thanks! Frank

firehawk 08-07-2012 07:36 PM

exhaust smell
:dance:hi, i had the exhaust smell on a previous jeep and found that i had to
have the rear upper tail window closed and if u have a soft top keep the rear
panel zipper closed , that should solve ur problem,..not sure why ur
jeep is stalling i am sure you will get some answers on that............:thumb:

2012jksahara 08-07-2012 08:27 PM

2012 stalling issue
I have a 2012 wrangler unlimited sahara love the jeep but it began stalling for no reason about three weeks ago. Took it to the dealer of course it won't stall for them! They reflashed the ECM with an update hopefully this will fix it. My jeep is bone stock for now

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