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Flashole 08-07-2012 11:20 PM

Electrical Gurus please step inside
I bought some lights and ordered some switches, relays, wire, in-line fuses, etc, but I'm a little confused about how to actually hook it all up.

From the schematic, it looks like I would jump 6&7 and run it to ground. Simple enough.

#8 obviously ties into a dash light power wire somewhere. Any clue where the best place to tie into one of these is?

I'm assuming that the #3 lead on the switch gets connected to the #85 lead on the relay. Is that correct?

But, I'm a little confused what to hook #2 up to? Does it just need a power supply? If so, where is the best place to pull power from? Would the cigarette lighter work? Or, would somewhere off the fuse box be better, or does it just go straight to the battery?

Also, on the relay schematic, it doesn't appear that 87a is hooked up to anything........What would this slot be reserved for?

Switch schematic.

Generic Relay schematic I found on-line

RJPII 08-08-2012 08:37 AM

By no means an electronic guru, but let me see if I can help.

Where to tie in #8 would really be jeep specific, but I would think that tying into a powered light in the center console (lights for heat) would be the easiest.

#3 does go to #85 on the relay.

#2 is the main power supply for the switch (not the accessory). Any power supply should work fine, but a direct fuse box would be best. The main power supply should come off the battery and tie into #30 on the relay. This should be a fused line.

87A is only on a SPDT relay (single pole/dual throw) and in your case does not have a use. If you're not using a wiring harness for the relay, you should cover it with something, because it will be energized when the switch is off. You do not want it to ground out. The other option would be to pick up a SPST (single pole/single throw) relay.

Check out this website. It does a pretty good job of showing how a relay works.

Hope this helps, good luck with the project!

RJPII 08-08-2012 08:40 AM

Just one more note. Make sure you secure the relay so the posts face down. This will prevent water getting caught in the relay and shorting anything out.

Flashole 08-08-2012 08:03 PM

Thanks for the help! I think I have a pretty good understanding now of what goes where. I do have a couple more questions though.

Any suggestions on the best place to pull dash light power from? The radio and heater control lights are the closest things that light up when the lights are on. Would this be a good place, or is there a more ideal place?

I'm installing 4 switches in a row. I understand that I will need to run individual wires from each switch to control each realy, but is there any reason I can't just daisy chain all the switches together for the switch power, the dash light power and the ground wire?

Any clue how to get the terminals out of the relay sockets? If at all possible, I'd like to use a beefier wire for the main power from the battery.

ETA....its a 2001 TJ

RJPII 08-09-2012 07:57 AM

I would probably choose the heater lights since they are easier to find, just look for the bulb (radio light is probably off an internal relay). You can daisy chain the switches (power, ground, lights).

Getting the terminals out of the socket is not usually an easy task. As you can imagine they are designed to stay put. I would check the amp rating for the socket, make sure it matches with the relay. You can figure out how many amps you are pulling using this formula Amps = watts/volts. You can determine the right size wire to use bases on this also. Just follow the AWG gauge below to determine the wire size needed. Too large of a wire can be bad too, so you want to be around the right size.

AWG Amps
10 13.88
11 10.98
12 8.71
13 6.9
14 5.48
15 4.34
16 3.44
17 2.73

Flashole 08-09-2012 02:40 PM

Awesome! Thanks for the help!

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