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slippy 04-24-2008 03:51 PM

4 inch lift.
ok, you guys recomended the dpg ultiment kit and it sounds great.
but id like to check out one other option before i buy, this is a good sized purchase so i want to check one other option, 4 inch suspension lift with no BL. i was thinking of mixing and matching, not sure exactly what yet...

can OME 2.5 shocks be used in a 4 inch lift if you just use 4 inch coils?

is this everything needed for a 4 inch lift?
4 coil springs
Lower control arms with bushings
Transfer case lowering kit
Track bar bracket
4 shocks.

that setup is from this skyjacker lift

would i need to extend the breakline? if yes, how will i know, vibes?
would i need a sye (06 tj, not a rubicon model)?
anything else to complete a vibe-less 4 inch skyjacker suspension lift?

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