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grahng 04-25-2008 11:16 AM

Hard top durability???????
I am considering purchasing a wrangler 4 door hardtop. Being in florida, I am concerned about the durability in the strong Florida sun. Most vehicles that down here when they have the balck plastic on bumpers etc, after some time, that black bumper oxidizes in the sun and becomes gray. I am trying to find out if anyone that has had a Jeep hardtopm, how well that top holds up over the years.


Hitchhiker 09-08-2008 07:33 AM

I just swapped in a black '00 TJ with the hard top and after 8 years it still looked good but the top had started fading a little. I used some 'Back to Black' on it a couple times over the past couple years but that stuff is a real PITA to buff out. The bumper ends on my TJ still were good too.

Mine was in NC and sat outside all the time, had other cars in the garage so the Jeep stayed out.

IMHO, just buy the Jeep and don't sweat how it deteriorates. Maintain it properly and you'll minimize the fading.


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