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9JΞΞРωяλиglєя7 04-26-2008 10:29 AM

Rear sway bar
Ok so im going to be cleaning and changing my front and rear differentials fluids today and i was underneith checking everything out cause i have had the death wobble a couple of times. Well i finely made my way to the rear sway bar and it was really loose on both sides. I dont think this is normal, but i went ahead and tightend them up a bit but the passanger side is still really loose compared the the drivers side. I know the death wobble is more of a known cause due to tires but ive also heard suspension can play apart of this. But anyways to get to streight to the point, is my rear sway bar suppose to be tight on both sides?

debruins 04-26-2008 12:52 PM

i dont see why it shouldn't be

and the vibes most likely come from unbalanced tires, or from needing a T case drop, either can be done, real cheap, so id get on that,
first id go to a shop and see if they're unbalanced, and if they are id get some longer bolts for the T-case skid and then throw 1/4 inch of washer between it and the frame to lower it a bit and put the bolts back in, (make sure the Tcase and skid is supported when u unbolt it, the skid is what's holding the Tcase up!!!)

AzTJ 04-26-2008 10:47 PM

You mean the bolts aren't tight? Replace them with new hardware if they won't tighten up. If the end licks going from the sway bar to the frame are what feels lose, replace those.

The sway bar shouldn't have an effect in death wobble. DW is more a cause from trackbar being lose, ball joints, out of balance tire or the whole suspension being out of alignment.

9JΞΞРωяλиglєя7 04-27-2008 03:31 PM

Ok well I found out my rear driverside rim is bent so im going to have to get new rims. About my sway bar im going to have to get new hardware and bushings, figured id just get a main bushing kit and replace all the main ones while im down there. About the t-case drop im going to check into that, i know thats something ive been needing to do with this lift. Thanks for the help guys.

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