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ElectronicPR 08-13-2012 09:20 PM

Scangauge 2 Settings For 2012 Sahara Unlimited
My MPG numbers are way off...I will appreciate if somebody post their tank settings.

I also noticed that the jeep does not enter into "deceleration fuel cutoff" with ease...

Today I just installed the unit, I will tweak it tomorrow.

Mr. Fish 08-13-2012 11:31 PM

I never could get good SG2 data from the Jeep, it's been stuffed in a box for the past year. The best I could tell, it's the fuel flow rate data point that's off. My SG2 would read 3-5MPG and <100Mi To Empty right at fillup time. It'd also report that the 3.6 had slurped 27gal from the 22gal tank. The miles traveled was spot on.

I went 'round and 'round with SG support, explaining

They weren't interested in the issue.

As far as Decel Cutoff, I think the Jeep itself sends bad data, even to its own EVIC. Coming down off the mountain passes, I'll often shift into N and coast. The AvgMPG and MTE on the dash will both drop like a rock during the coast. Once back in gear, the values will rise to above where they were pre-coast. In other words, regardless of whether you can get any usable MPG data from the SG2, I don't think the Decel Cutoff bits will ever be read properly.

ElectronicPR 08-16-2012 12:56 PM

I adjusted the "fillup value" to gives some idea of the consumption.

I will put the SG on my other car and just forget about it. So bad these guys offer so terrible support, that’s why their product will not be as successful as others.

About the decel...I noticed that on Neutral the MPG rises faster than leaving the car on decel cutoff.

Isn’t the Jeep supposed to shut down the gas flow when you "engine brake" and be more efficient than just putting it on neutral?

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