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tamm0449 08-13-2012 09:42 PM

ESP/BAS and Traction light is on
Could you please tell me when the ESP/BAS and Traction Control light is on if it can cause you to lose control of your Jeep? My husband changed lanes to the right and the Jeep went out of control and went right and left and was skidding out of control. Thankfully he got it off of the side of the road almost rolling us into a ditch which would have turned us over and stopped the Jeep. We had to drive it home carefully for a three hour drive and were afraid to change lanes in case we lost control again. Does the clock spring and traction control being bad cause the Jeep to do this? I am afraid to drive the Jeep now. We just purchased it one month ago and we are asking the Sellers to have it fixed because we had a 90 day guarantee on the Jeep. They don't really want to purchase the part but offered to pay to have it installed. I think they are responsible and should pay for everything. They are Tipp Top Auto Sales in Tipp City, Ohio. I hope this is the part that we need to turn both lights out and to keep us safe on the road. Please e-mail me back with answers to my questions. He had a parts man tell him that the part we are ordering doesn't control losing control of the Jeep in a turn or lane change. Thank you for your interest.
Tamara Lesley

ilkyspony 08-16-2012 08:25 AM

I'm gonna stick my neck out here and say no, the clockspring will not cause you to lose control. The clockspring merely helps the vehicle maintain a constant ground between your horn/steering angle sensor and the vehicle. Changing lanes like a maniac? THAT will cause you to lose control. My clockspring went bad and would intermittently turn those same lights on. I never lost control and I would drive normally.

As far as replacement is concern, check with a Jeep dealer. Depending on the age and miles of your Jeep there may still be an extended warranty on that particular component.

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