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Scarekrow 08-14-2012 11:03 AM

A/C Switch question
Howdy do, I have a 97 tj with the slider ac controls. Question is the only fan speed that works is full bore. I was wondering if changing out the fan switch could remedy this or is there something else that controls the fan speed? And since I'm here another odd unrelated thing happens. I'll be driving down the road and suddenly the speed gauge will jump to like 100mph and then come back down to normal. No I dont have a warp engine installed. The fule gauge and oil gauge display similar traits but instead go to empty or 0 oil pressure then return to normal. none of this occurs at the same time, it seems totally random which one acts up and then it returns to normal. There is no change in the jeeps performance and I checked the oil and it is fine. So now I pray to the Jeep gods to help me exercise this demon. And I thank you for any help you can offer.

50Johnbob 08-14-2012 11:20 AM

A new blower motor resistor should fix the blower issue.
Then check all ground connections and see if your gauge gremlins go away (hopefully)

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