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Skoorbbs 08-15-2012 10:14 AM

JKU 285/70/17 vs 305/65/17
I know this topic as been beaten to death. However, I have searched and Googled and searched some more for pics of a JKU with stock wheels and no lift running these sizes. Most pics are of aftermarket wheels and some kind of lift or leveling kit. Most people say they have 33's, 34's, 35's.... I know the diameter I would like to stay around, but it's the width I'm concerned about. I dont want to go with the 285/70/17s and wish I would have went with the wider (305/65/17) tires to compensate for the JKU being longer. Which is still taking some getting used to. I would like to keep the stock wheels because they match everything else on my new Freedom Edition.

If anyone would be so kind as to post pics of a JKU with stock wheels, NO lift, and either of these tire sizes. If you are using spacers with the 305/65/17s, please post the size spacers. Please state what size tire the pic is displaying...

Thanks and sorry for making another thread on this topic....

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