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flipflop 08-15-2012 01:31 PM

suspension help
ok, i am trying to figure out what kind of suspension to install on my 88 YJ sahara (2.5 susp lift, 4" body lift). Im using this as my DD and am sick of driving a "brick" around town as I feel EVERY SINGLE bump in the road

I have been through tons of research online and the biggest thing i have found is that each jeep has different needs when it comes to suspension.

the small biz custom 4 wheel place i have gone to in the past has told me he would recommend OME leafs SOA in the rear but wont give me any specifics unless I pay for him to do all the install for everything (over $600 in labor!)

so once again i am turning here, where i have received priceless help and guidance thus far for which I am VERY grateful!

starting off i have an 8.8 rear limited slip 4.10 ready to go.

As far as weight I have AX-15 tran, soft top, & 35in tires. I plan on adding winch, front & rear bumper + spare to the equation down the road. (1yr)

Once a year 'Im towing 4000-5000lbs through sand for a week.

Looking for a setup that will give me decent ride as DD (anything is better than it is now!) but will be able to handle the future weight without having to do this all over again. (shocks, suspension, shackles, leaf springs)

Any insight would be much appreciated! THANKS THANKS THANKS in advance!

0III0forlife 08-15-2012 09:18 PM

Over 600 in labor for a SOA lift with new springs and an 8.8 installed, really isnt that bad of a price.

OME springs are top of the line, but any lift spring that you put in it will give you a stiffer ride due to the arch of the springs.

Did you take the track bars off? Losing the track bars made a world of difference on my 87.

Short of doing a 3 link or 4 link with a long arm travel lift, you will have a stiffer ride than stock. Just the way that the animal will ride, Its a Jeep not a luxury car.

OverkillYJ 08-15-2012 10:02 PM

SOA is WAY more work and $$ then people make it sound. You will need a traction bar if you are going to be pulling weight. Even with stiff springs you will probably wrap them with a heavy load. You will also need to address the steering. The cheapest solution I know of is $180, I paid over $500 for a high steer kit from Rocky road. The track bars you would lose. You will need to screws the driveshaft as well. SOA is not a money saving lift, it is a better solution. $600 for the labor is actually not bad at all, but they better know what they are doing and include the labor for all the other parts you would have to buy.

flipflop 08-17-2012 11:26 AM

unfortunately that price is bringing him the 8.8 already installed..... :-/

no rear trac bar, but the front is still on. ill take it off this weekend and see how it rides.

SYE was on the list with a CV driveshaft, but what about shackles? what is the advantages of boomerang or greasable shackles?

Also, I have heard of people only doing a SOA in the rear and keeping a SUA setup with a high lift in the front. why would somebody do this?

OverkillYJ 08-17-2012 12:13 PM


Originally Posted by flipflop (Post 2694288)

Also, I have heard of people only doing a SOA in the rear and keeping a SUA setup with a high lift in the front. why would somebody do this?

They do that so they can skip the headach of rewelding the perches on the front and addressing the steering problems that arise when you move the springs to the top of the axle tubes and the drag link is in a bad way. It is not the correct way to do it. That is also more common when someone didnt want an SOA but had to replace their rear anyway.

OverkillYJ 08-17-2012 12:17 PM

Oh and greasable shackles are good if you are going to actually grease them regularly. They are easier to lube which lets your springs flex easier. If you are going to get into shackles make your you lube the other end of the leaf spring as well where it bolts to the frame. Most people dont realize that bolt is seized and preventing the spring from flexing correctly andway. If you cant get it off, cut it off, get new bushings, new bolts, and lube the hell out of them. Doing that while replacing the shackles and removing the trac bar makes a huge difference in flex and ride quality. As far as boomerang shackles, most people get them so they dont have to worry about the spring inverting.

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