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Y-oh-Y-J 08-16-2012 03:39 PM

New Guy Here
Hey All, I was debating on starting in the New Members area and post something about myself and my YJ.... but decided that since I will be spending most of my time in the YJ forum that I would just do it here - and ask a couple of YJ related questions to make it appropriate :whistling:

So, I brought my new-to-me YJ home last night. It's a 95 with the 2.5 and an auto trans.... has close to 6" of lift with 33" tires, stock front and rear and transfer case, full roll cage, rear tire/tool carrier, rock sliders / custom fenders, and some other stuff I am forgetting. Came with an extra set of "on road" 33's on 17" wheels, a SYE kit, 8.8 rear with 4.88 gears and a locker, bikini top, and some other misc stuff.

I got this thing to use as a DD and weekend worrior / project (very short commute).

Couple of issues that I will have to dive into (any input) -

transfer case looks to be leaking from the output shaft area... need to clean thoroughly and make sure that's where it's coming from.

exhaust rubs the front driveline at some point while "flexing" - just need to take it to a shop and have it re-done.

gas is empty when gauge shows 1/4 tank?

And then there comes the stuff I want to do like front and rear seats, finish the rear end and re-gear the front, put the SYE in, etc. etc.

I look forward to hanging out here and learning from your mistakes :hide::)

Sooo I tried to upload a couple of photos... maybe you guys have a minimum number of posts before you can add photos?

mdaz75 08-16-2012 03:48 PM


Squeeze 08-16-2012 03:56 PM

Sounds like a solid project you got there! Welcome to the forum and hopefully someone more knowledgeable can answer your questions here! :D

jokerchief462 08-16-2012 05:01 PM

Welcome to the forum. Looks like you bought a good rig. There are some real solid wrenchers out here and some amazing wiring troubleshooters. I am a few days from getting on the road again and have spent hours reading here and found tons of answers and great advice. Enjoy your time here it is great.

YJ gauges in general are just in advisory status you see the problems all the time. However if you drop your fuel tank for any reason that would be the time to adjust the float kind of like the one in a tiolet. I had mine out so when it went back together I jumped all the wires and did the adjustment while it was on the ground. It is a little better.

Exhaust rub with suspension flex is a tuffie for me mine is well clear but it will be better done on a lift where you can actually see where it is happening and at the same time check the work before you come off the lift.

On top of the forum check your local area foor Jeep Clubs and see if you can fiind one to join. Great folks and you should find a few more rigs and owners to discuss your prooject with and get some help.


Your T-Case leak maybe something that goes away when you instaall the SYE easier to the seals out and the new shaft may be all it needs sometimes the old ones actually wear enough the new seal has no effect.

Y-oh-Y-J 08-16-2012 05:12 PM

Hey thanks guys!

Carralo1 08-16-2012 05:20 PM

Loving the username btw. Pics should be easy to upload. Hit the tab that says go advanced and it's easy to upload from there

Y-oh-Y-J 08-16-2012 06:06 PM


Originally Posted by Carralo1 (Post 2691848)
Loving the username btw. Pics should be easy to upload. Hit the tab that says go advanced and it's easy to upload from there

Thanks, my first name starts with J.... and I kind of thought of my wife saying "why, oh why J, did you bring that thing home?" :D

I'll have to re-try the photo thing... I tried it the same way I do for other forums and it was coming up as a red x so I thought it was due to it being my first post.

Y-oh-Y-J 08-17-2012 12:38 PM

Y-oh-Y-J 08-17-2012 12:38 PM

Got a couple of photos up.... photobucket was the issue.

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