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Austin 04-29-2008 03:13 PM

New.... subwoofer question
Hey guys.... I'm new here and have a few questions about a 12" subwoofer.

I'm not really all that into sound but I have 2 12's laying around from when I was in high school (like 8 years ago). Only one of them is in good shape. Has anyone installed a 12" sub under the rear seat. I know it has been done with 10" subs but I have no idea on the 12's. Again... i dont really care about a huge thump but a little bass added to the all tweeter sound I have now would help.

I have a '99 sahara. Any ideas?


Ripcord 04-29-2008 03:48 PM

Hmmmm im gonna go out on a limb here and say that is prob a no. But first things first go out and see if you can lay the sub down and latch the seat without it touching. If you can do that then there may be some kind of slight chance that a custom box could be built.

Smeghead 04-29-2008 04:06 PM

I have a 99 Sahara
12" Sub behind the back seat although I had to chop the Walmart box a little
Amp is under the back seat

603TJ 04-29-2008 07:35 PM

Austin- If you don't want the thump, you don't want two 12's, period. yes, you could install them both (behind the seat not under- they definitely won't fit..) and then turn the amp down to compensate, but why waste the space? Sell one, have a box built or build it yourself, for the other to fit behind the seat. I have 2 tens behind my seat and it can get very, very loud...

dustin 04-29-2008 07:48 PM

Austin 04-29-2008 08:04 PM

I dont want two.... I just want one. I can turn the amp down. I'm just looking for some bass. I dont care to turn it down. I just already have the subs and the amp. I like free if possible.


Ripcord 04-29-2008 08:31 PM

Under the seat is gonna be pretty much impossible after going out and checking out the clearence under that thing. I would say you could mount the amp under it if it's not a freaking 1000w or some crap. Do that and then build you a small custom box or pick up a single truck box and put it behind the seat.

I don't know where but I saw some post where the guy had actually mounted his box to the back swing door and it was pretty impressive. I think it was some kind of kit you may want to look into that.

Google is your friend!!!

tenshots1 04-29-2008 11:54 PM

It is really hard to get a 12in in the back with the boxes sold on the market. I would go with a 10in. I easily fit a 10in truck box(Kicker L7-only the best) into the back of my sport. Then, i mounted the amp on top so when i go to the desert, i can easily unplug my sub and leave it at home.

Triple88a 04-30-2008 12:21 AM

wow whats with the hating people? How about we all go back to POST #1 and read it again and THEN B|tch about stuff?

Do you even know the difference between a 10" and a 12" sub? There is more than just diameter!!! THERE IS ALSO DEPTH OF THE SUB. As a matter of fact there are thin 15" subs that WILL ALSO FIT UNDER THE SEAT.

Next problem i see with the haters above is, what's the problem with having a little rumble in the jeep? I have a 12" L7 1200 RMS sub behind the rear seat (when i used to have it) and 900RMS amp that easily fit UNDER MY REAR SEAT (again when i used to have it). Honestly i could care less about what you people say about it because in the end of the day when i'm going home from work or whatever, i have a sound system with great sound quality that does not get distorted when i turn it up a bit.

Why not do something productive and actually try to help the guy out instead of fill his thread with hating spam and put his ideas down?

Now that i got that out, whats the depth of ur sub?

dwdrums801 04-30-2008 01:05 AM

sence eveyone is busting balls....:D
sence when did kicker make a 12" L7 at 1200 RMS? u mean 750 RMS:p

and yes there are alot of people that have put 12 inch subs under the seats, when I quit being lazy ill post up some pics

dwdrums801 04-30-2008 01:17 AM

Photos property of

theres a comapny that makes these box's but I cant remember who right now, but then again I would never buy a box pre-fab :doh:

Austin 04-30-2008 06:11 AM


Originally Posted by dwdrums801 (Post 224083)
Photos property of

theres a comapny that makes these box's but I cant remember who right now, but then again I would never buy a box pre-fab :doh:

thats what I was talking about.... has anyone done this with a 12"?

justice 04-30-2008 06:19 AM

The company that makes the box that fits actually in the rear seat is I bought one that fits two tens but they definitely make boxes that fit one 12 or two 12s. It is actually very easy to install and looks, sounds awesome. You can mount the amp under the front seat or in my case I have a security box in the truck in which the amp is mounted.

Try that link, or just go to the site and look up subwoofer enclosure. Let us know if this is what you are looking for.

Ripcord 04-30-2008 08:33 AM

Who was busting balls?!?!?!

XNeoJesterX 04-30-2008 09:03 AM

What subwoofer are you planning on trying this with? Need to know dimensions of the sub in question. as long as you have the proper mounting depth and space in side the encloser that the sub requires it will work. I worked as a car audio installer and I work for 4 years as a technician in a theater(not the movie kind either,lol) operating, maintaining, repairing, and replacing the lighting and sound.

Smeghead 04-30-2008 09:08 AM


Originally Posted by Ripcord (Post 224122)
Who was busting balls?!?!?!

Yeah really ? :confused:

Triple88a 04-30-2008 04:19 PM


Originally Posted by dwdrums801 (Post 224079)
sence when did kicker make a 12" L7 at 1200 RMS? u mean 750 RMS

My bad i was thinking the 10" L7 max power.

Hebera 04-30-2008 06:24 PM

I made myself a custom box and tucked a Kicker SL7 12" behind the back seat and still kept the stock Hide- a- truck thing so that when the top is off i can just lock the tailgate and not worry about it. I like the stuff that company SirGcal is doing but i dont see how they can have enough room for those subs to reverb. there is a recommended volume of space that a speaker needs to sound right and i dont see those having enough. My best advice would be to build your own box. It will make it sound best and you'll get some satisfaction out of it.

Triple88a 04-30-2008 06:27 PM

Hebera, a box in the entire seat will give you about 1 Cubic Ft.

Triple88a 04-30-2008 06:35 PM

black71gp 04-30-2008 07:36 PM

this is awesome.. I will be going this route!!!!!!!!

justice 04-30-2008 08:10 PM

I am running the same set up as Sirgal, two ten inch subs inside the back seat. I am running the pioneer shallow mount subs which require less space to operate properly. I had the same reservations about the space needed, but the subs actually sound really good. I would not do it any other way. The subs are hidden well and just have a bike cable lock around the hinges of the back seat into the lock-a-truck in the back to prevent anyone from being able to steal the rear seat. Its a safe, affordable way to mount subs without taking up trunk space and it definitely sounds awesome.

black71gp 04-30-2008 08:12 PM

i am goign to have to find a way to stuff two 12"s in there.. my cousin is a shop manager at a auto install shop.. so they do sweet installs.. i am sure he can figure it out...:) yea excited about finding this out..

Triple88a 04-30-2008 08:15 PM

2 shallow 12s that only need about half a foot of cu.ft. space should fit but then you will have to look for another place to mount the amp.

world917 04-30-2008 09:07 PM

That is a great idea, ill deffinately be looking to this as well

dwdrums801 04-30-2008 11:14 PM

please dont use crappy subs i would hate to be the person that gave som1 the idea of doin a nice custom box and then puttin sony explods in there haha

personally my next subs are gunna be FI subs or RD

Triple88a 04-30-2008 11:16 PM

2x, what he said. If you're gonna do the work of making a box like that, get a sub thats worth it.

On a side note use 1/2" wood, anything other is useless unless you go into competitions with multiple thousands of watts systems.

black71gp 05-01-2008 08:44 AM

I have alpine E types... nice subs..

XNeoJesterX 05-01-2008 03:10 PM

anyone got some pics of what the underside of the rear seat looks like with out the appolstery? is it hollow were you are talking about fitting this custom box?

Triple88a 05-01-2008 10:40 PM


Originally Posted by XNeoJesterX (Post 224641)
anyone got some pics of what the underside of the rear seat looks like with out the appolstery? is it hollow were you are talking about fitting this custom box?

Look here, on the right you will see jeep projects.. click on that and then In the middle of the page it will say "seat enclosure" something.... click on that and then you will see the blueprings and stuff.. there are more pics that you can look at by pressing previous and next on top of the page

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