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Gunner 08-18-2012 05:54 PM

Freeway Hiccup's
At the mechanic's getting my YJ ready to sell. Rebuilt steering box, Check. What about dumb hiccup sometimes on the freeway. Did my research on line and decided to buy a replacement CPS. The shop put it up on the hoist to replace the box and the CPS and low and behold there is my old CPS sitting there, no bolts at all. The only thing holding it in place was the wire and some dirt buildup around it. Loose as a goose. Did you know they are "special order" bolts. They have a special shoulder on them to position it correctly. So down for the weekend to get new bolts from the dealer on tuesday. Point is if your having a funny problem check the CPS. It just might be loose and not shot.:facepalm:

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