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Jameson 08-29-2012 11:10 PM

Help! Lift/tires
I literally just bought my 2004 jeep TJ x and I want to start moding it into a monster. Its my D.D. and i want to lift it 3" and put some 33" (input on tire dimensions?) tires on it. KEEP IN MIND i drive this thing on the pavement Alot. I want to rally it in the mud. (i live in Oregon) so i was hoping i could get some imput on what kind of tires/lift/and potentially the cost of putting it all together. Money for me is pretty tight but i dont want a shitty kit. Ive been workin on rigs for awhile im mechanically inclined but i've never installed a lift kit. I've also been doing alot of research but THERE IS SO MUCH CRAP on the internet. Help?

MarkNog 08-29-2012 11:18 PM

A 3 inch spring lift is going to cost you. A 2 inch spring lift & 1 inch Body lift is less than half the price. I included some abbreviations some people may use.

2" springs (SL)
1" body lift (BL)
1" Motor mount lift (MML)

The springs can be swapped out for a 2" budget boost (BB) lift kit for much cheaper but if you are going to do any hard offroading I would recommend a full length spring.

The body lift will make room between your drivetrain and the floorpan of the jeep, therefore making you one step closer to a flatter skid plate on the bottom of the jeep if you ever wanted to go in that direction.

The motor mount lift will help out with driveline vibrations caused my the increase in the angle of the rear drive shaft. By increasing the height of the motor, it tips the entire drivetrain back.

As for tires I would recommend the 33x10.50" instead of the more common 12.50". This will help your mileage too! Also, that way you could reuse the stock wheels too. I would not go any wider than 10.50" without a 8 or 10" wide wheel.

TIPS - 2.5" and up and you will probably start needing adjustable track bars, transfer case drops, (CV) driveshafts, (SYE) slip yoke eliminators, or lower control arms at the least. Also, beware of the rear axle, the dana 35 the X doesn't have a great reputation for tires larger than 31 inches in the offroad world.

PS. I have a 2004 x :punk:

D2K47 08-29-2012 11:23 PM

Since the x's do not have a Dana 44, I'd be cautious with 33's and a 3 inch lift. As long as you don't wheel intensly everyday you should be fine.

xxBOsoxFANxx 09-14-2012 08:36 PM

I was reading this for some info myself and it made a little nervous. I run 33x12.5s on my 02 X with a 2.5 Old Man Emu lift (what was on when bought). It's almost time for new tires, should I drop to 32x11.50? I don't go crazy when I off road, but there are lots of steep hills with rocks in my area, so I do stretch her out when we go. Any advice for me?

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