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upinar 05-11-2008 07:39 PM

clutch and shifting problem
I know this is probly not the place to post this but i think more jeepers are on the tj forum and i need the help fast. i have a buddy with a 88 yj with an inline six, manuel transmission. the problem is when the jeep is just started and cold, it shifts perfect and clutch feels strong. But when the jeep is warmed up, the clutch feels soft and becomes very hard to shift, does not grind though, just very hard to get into gear and get out from gear to gear. If i pump the clutch, it get a little easier to shift. clutch still grabs but it sinks to the floor when pressed. Anyone know what the problem is?

Triple88a 05-11-2008 08:12 PM

Worn out piston cups on the master or slave cylinder. You press the clutch, it builds up pressure but then its lost because of the leak. Step on the clutch 3-4 times and put it in 1st gear (still keep the clutch pressed in and make sure its safe for your jeep to go forward) and wait. If it starts to engage there is a very high chance of it being the piston cups. Check the fluid level afterwards to make sure its not an outside leak.

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